Save a Bomb (or Two)

I don’t know if any of you out there are magpies like me, I suspect there may be a few, but when the UK economy is still flip-flopping like a flounder stranded on the beach then there are ways you can still save on angling.

We all know that actually fishing with a shoe string won’t catch you much whereas fishing on a shoestring can land you a heap of tackle.

These will cost up to £2.50 in a tackle shop. They are top of the range sinkers. This hook was a lucky find, rust free, still sharp and good quality.

My advice is get down to your local tackle shop at low tide, find a sea mark that you know is regularly fished, take a bucket, a pair of wellies, a pair of scissors, put your best hunting eyes in and get searching. The following pictures show just a fraction of what can be collected if you put a few hours in.

Not all link and clips are in good condition, having been in salt water for a while. These however, will do the job nicely.


A selection of sinkers collected at low tide from popular local marks.

Remember, some of the weights may look a bit shabby but after all, they are just hunks of lead that will inevitably end up back where you found them, that is, on the sea bed. It didn’t cost you anything to find them so you will be less upset (and not out of pocket) when Davy Jones reclaims them. If the lead to line link is missing, simply drill a hole in the top of the soft metal and use line to make your link. Simple.

Literally save yourself a bomb.