Pike Rig

Scratch Rig II

Like many anglers trying to catch a new species, the first port of call is usually a pre-made commercially available rig from the local tackle shop. There is nothing wrong with this but finding a rig specifically to suit your needs requires a bit of tinkering.

After viewing many different rigs over the magic of the internet and conversing with other pike anglers I have devised a trace that works for me. Shown below are all the component parts you will need to recreate this rig and for a tuition video on construction you will need to look here.


From left to right:
Barrel swivels
Size 8 hooks
Size 6 hooks
Twiddling stick
Shrink wrap and petrol lighter
Drennan green pike wire. By using high breaking strain you can minimise the possibility of a snap off. Better for the fish, better for you.