Salvaged Gear

If you are like me then you will enjoy scanning the ground or waters edge for useful pieces of additional kit that may have been discarded by unscrupulous ‘leisure’ anglers or simply forgotten after packing away.

If you are not like me then you will buy all of your kit brand new and ready packaged. There is nothing wrong with this, I was just born a scavenger and will die a scavenger. I am also tight.

Undeterred from any adverse comments that I have received over the years I have always stated that decent kit can be salvaged from the bankside, cleaned up and used again to catch fish. See the pictures below for a few examples of what I have found recently. I like to call it Salvaged Gear.

Salvaged Gear.


Mepps Spinner complete with trace and snap links. Loch Lochy.


Tazmanian Devil. Loch Lochy.


Toby replica (holographic tape added after clean up). Loch Clunie.


Abu Spinnaren Reflex 7g. Loch Drumellie (Marlee).

There are of course plenty of other bits and pieces that have no worldly place living on the river bank, lochside, beach or sea cliffs. So please be a considerate angler and clean up after yourself. If you can be bothered to bring it with you then surely there is no harm in taking with you at the end of the session, is there?