About Me

Welcome to Pike and Slippers.

My name is Fred Simeons and I’m here to share some of my many fishing adventures with you.

The site is based around all aspects of angling, be it coarse, game or sea with a focus on simply enjoying legal fishing and respecting the environment. Whether commercial fishing is your thing or getting soaked in a howling easterly I hope you will join in, and wet a line with Pike and Slippers.

I am privileged to be able to spend many of my hours fishing with good friends and lucky enough to live in a very picturesque part of the world.

In addition to the angling scene, check out some of my galleries for shots taken during timeout from fishing.

It is fair for me to describe myself as a multi-disciplinced angler and like many fisherman I have developed a life long love affair with the past time.  I was taken in by the sport from a relatively early age, I say relatively as I am not one of those people who has developed from it ever since they were ‘able to hold a fishing rod,’ nor was I ‘born with a rod in my hands.’

My family history is not littered with self indulgent obsessive anglers, selfishly hogging every waking moment of their life for a chance to wet a line or two. So why me? My Uncle had a reasonable influence on my keenness to fish but I guess my real development and passion for angling came from two childhood friends called Tony Gallant and Matthew Grey, both whom I have long lost contact with. I should take the time to thank them both as angling has helped me through some tough patches so far.

When one is searching for that first bite or illusive fish, the world no longer exists and the mind can be truly free. Hours melt into minutes and weekends are far too short.

I live in Tayport, Fife and work in the nearby city of Dundee. Named as the ‘City of Discovery’ and being recognised as Scotlands 4th largest it is not altogether a bad place to reside. The River Tay providing some excellent sea trout fishing within the confines of the city itself, as well as many other species to be landed in the Tay estuary, including bass, codling, flounders and rockling.

Although I regularly fish this resource, my aim is  to seek out new and interesting  waters that are largely unfished. This often requires seeking landowners permission which I also enjoy enormously. The challenge in being granted access to fish from the land can often prove to be as difficult as catching a fish once there. It is satisfying for me to gain permission from a land owner for the right to fish but having said that, I am no stranger to taking the odd risk or two. The best policy is to deny everything so I’m told. See the links section on Scottish Law or click here for more information.