Crombie Park – 20/05/2017

I was invited to fish Crombie Country Park by my mate Andrew, who will be retiring shortly (not from the land of the living I hasten to add, but from his full time work), so after checking my social calendar and finding it to be largely void of community gatherings, I accepted. It should be noted that on almost every other occasion I fish with this man, I rarely hook into anything. It seems boating and fishing are my nemesis…

Crombie BrownieHaving hauled my unruly carcass out of bed at 0600 hours, I was able to briefly make sense of my surroundings, before realising I should have done all my prep work the previous night. So then, down the hatch with porridge and a splendid cup of tea before donning my woolly undergarments (take note that I live in Scotland and it is only May, all day in a boat can get pretty chilly) and rain ware. Packed the motor toot sweet style and headed off to meet the rest of the coffin dodgers for 0830 (I say this with the utmost respect, they are all fine chaps). Nice.

I arrived first and was shortly greeted by Andrew and his band of fishing cronies. The competition/club money was sorted out and my fee was £2.00 less than everyone else, as I was not part of either the club or the competition. I just get invited to these things to make up the numbers if there is a spare seat going in the boat. It’s a good arrangement and one I can live with. Twenty quid to sit in a boat all day and get wet sounds like a good day out to me anyway.

Sergeant IMoney sorted and keys collected, we headed to Crombie. Boats away, tackled up and fishing until 1600. The rain didn’t let up all day and it’s fair to say the inside of the boats looked pretty similar to the outside, damp. I think everyone caught at least a trout each, one lucky chap found the secret and hammered them all into submission, netting 7 in total. I Sergeant IIhad one and lost another just shy of landing it, not massive fish but I wasn’t really bothered. Andrew had one of similar size but as he had opted for an intermediate line, he was in prime perch territory, netting at least 12. I’m not bothered about catching perch, as I love the sergeant, however, it can be frustrating when you’ve paid good money to be plagued by them.

Packed up and home by 1730, albeit resembling a drowned Great day out so if you haven’t had the pleasure of wetting a line at Crombie, maybe you should have a dabble? With only 4 boats on the water at any time it’s not crowded and the setting is lovely.

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