Tayport Lucky Scalp – 15/04/2017

Windy Session!

Arrived at the North Links Road car park at 0830 and it was like stepping into a wind tunnel. I was, of course, the least optimistic of the three of us and was seriously contemplating getting back in the car and going home. White horses were galloping across the Tay in droves and the estuary looked and felt like a desolate moonscape.

Kev and Laste were fired up and ready to go, so rather than back out I plumped up my feathers and headed out into the breach again. I’m pretty glad I did as I hooked four fish and got two to the bank. The water had that special clarity about it once you waded out from the soup coloured shore line. Allowing me to see a sneaky trout following my lure all the way to my rod tip before nipping at it, getting hooked lightly for a brief second or two, then off again like a flash of fishy lightning.

My Macedonian friend did his usual biblical impression and conjured up a couple of fish from nowhere and Kevin also landed a nice bar of silver. I have to say, he slipped it into the net in much more eloquent style than the one I had flapping about in the water at my feet. Still, I had a hand to it before it flashed away back into the swell so am counting it! A couple of other guys were also out in the less than favourable conditions and they too had landed fish. It just goes to show, there is no substitute for hours on the water.

Great mornings fishing!

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